Web Filter

Block inappropriate content without blocking learning

  • Comprehensive web filtering based on education-specific URL database
  • Customizable allow and block lists and flexible policy profile capabilities
  • Features to balance educator and IT needs
  • Ability to limit and prioritize web traffic
  • Integration with safe social learning platform, My Big Campus, through the Collaborative Filter

About the Web Filter

Web filtering is a balancing act between blocking inappropriate content, keeping everyone safe and on track, and giving users access to engaging, educational content.

With the Lightspeed Web Filter, IT gets CIPA-compliant filtering based on a comprehensive education-specific database and granularly customizable policies; teachers and students get access to the sites and tools that enhance education.

The Campus Collaboration Bundle combines web/mobile filtering with My Big Campus (safe social learning platform) and hosted email—because the way we see it, a content filter for K12 needs to not only block inappropriate content but also allow good content and engaging collaboration.

* The hosted Web Filter may not contain all the features of the managed Web Filter. Contact us for details.

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